Title Loans In Tujunga

Choose Auto Title Loans in Tujunga from LoanMart

LoanMart has been helping our customers get the funding they need with our auto title loans. LoanMart uses the equity in your vehicle to secure the funding that you need. Our auto title loans range from $2,510 to $50,000, depending on the equity in your vehicle and the ability to make monthly payments, plus a few other factors.¹ ⁵

We’ve been in business since 2002, and we’re used to helping customers when they need it most. You too could secure funding by applying for an auto title loan with LoanMart today.

Why Choose Auto Title Loans in Tujunga from LoanMart?

  • Qualified applicants can secure funding in as little as one business day³
  • No penalties for making payments ahead of schedule
  • Loan terms of between 12 and 48 months
  • Highly-competitive rates
  • Even those with poor credit can qualify ¹

LoanMart’s Three Step Process

LoanMart has been in business since 2002 and since then we’ve developed a streamlined application process that only takes three steps to get you from applying to securing your funds.

  • Step 1: Apply online with the form on the right or call our toll-free number at 323-909-5670
  • Step 2: Verify your qualifying information with one of our auto title loan agents
  • Step 3: Sign the agreement and collect your funds¹ ⁵
Apply for Auto Title Loans in Tujunga Regardless of Credit

Having poor credit is not an issue when securing an auto title loan from LoanMart.¹ The main piece of collateral for our auto title loans is the title to your vehicle. This allows for a simple application process and for anyone with a vehicle, even those with poor credit, to secure our auto title loans.¹

The only reason we do a credit check is to make sure that you’re not in active bankruptcy, or are in credit counseling or in danger of defaulting.