How much money can I receive?

You could receive $2,500 to $50,000 or even more depending on a handful of aspects such as your ability to make payments on a monthly basis, the equity value that is in your car, and by what condition your car is in.¹ ⁵


Do I need to be employed to receive a car title loan?

It is not required that you be employed to receive a car title loan, but you must be able to show us that you could make monthly payments in full by providing documentation that proves your income like a bank statement.


Do you monitor what I use the financing for?

No – once it’s yours, it’s yours. We may ask if you would like to share that information with us in a customer comment form or testimonial, but this is completely your choice and we will not monitor the use of the money you receive.


How do I reach you?

You could contact us by our toll-free number if you have any questions or concerns at 323-284-2596, and we’d be happy to assist you more.


My car’s title isn’t in my name, is that OK?

You must have the title of your car be in your name. However, if you share a car title with your significant other or parent, you could still fill out an information request form. Depending on how the names on the title appear, we may need the person who shares the title with you to accompany you when you sign our loan terms.


I don’t have the greatest credit score, could I still apply?

800LoanMart allows any customer and resident of California to apply for a car title loan from 800LoanMart with any type of credit history.


What is the cost of my credit going to be?

Our interest rates vary based on the state of residency, and the terms agreed to. Our annual interest rates vary between 60% and 180%. For a typical loan of $2500 at 90% interest, the average term is 18 months, with a payment of $257.57. The total scheduled interest on this loan would be $2136.26. The interest on a loan may vary based on timing of payments made. Click here for Utah Fee Schedule.